Who is..?
Who is..Isabelle Toledo
She went to school at FIT and Parsons in NYC.
She is also the designer of Michelle Obama's inauguration speech dress!
I dont think anyone has posted any pictures but its all over the tv, its this sparkley yellow jacket with matching dress.
I am a little dissapointed, I mean I get it you have to look a little conservative, but she could of picked another dress that wasn't so grandma-ish.
I cant wait to see who designed her ball gown, I hope that it's alot better then what she is wearing this morning.
But anyway here's a small sample of some of the stuff Isabelle has done, check the shoes.. I'm in love!

Heres a look back at some of Mrs.Oba's dresses.

That red and black one she wore when obama did his winning speech just made my jaw drop, it was so beautiful
Today is so crazy and historic and I've never been so into politics until this year. I finally have faith in America and I am finally proud to say I live here.
(sorry for the cheesy commentary, I think i'm getting my period.)

edit:// I didnt update cause her gown wasnt that interesting. eeeeeps. I was totally bummed out.. whatever new president!!

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