ADELINE MAI, she has my name.

So over spring break, i was browsing through the Internet, and i came across a blog that is like, beyond anything i have ever read. and i didn't even understand half of the shit going on (considering it was full of french slang that i am not accustomed to..) The writer of this blog is a lovely girl named Adeline Mai.
She is a photography student in the Gobelins School of Animation, a summer school in Paris. After falling in love with her photos, i couldn't help but send her an email. She responded in less than an hour, and so our conversation started.
Adeline was born and raised in Paris, i am beyond jealous but when i told her how lucky she is, she goes-- "But im getting sick of it!it s a really nice cit but being here for such a long time is really annoying!"

... I'm not even going to try to pretend i get what shes talking about.
But if you have an extra second, check her out.

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