So we're starting off Bejing Fashion week with the Hempel Award 17th International Young Fashion Designer contest!
let me begin on the outfit on the left, its like some sort of super pure scuba diving outfit. (also looks like an albino version of the drawings they put on the sea monkey boxes!!!)
I do not even have words for the outfit in the middle..
But on the right, its like some deranged mental asylum nurse clown thingy.
But since it's all in white it makes it seem very pure and I think that it makes it way more creepier that way then it would be in black.
I really like all the different textures and the face masks way cool.

Puffy flower hat jacket thing that I really enjoy, (sorry its low quality, i cannot seem to find a better version!!)

The winning designer Chen Jiawei and her models. I love the dress that looks the bottom should be the collar for the queen of hearts card!!
and so its not all white white whitee...

Greaaaat shoes!!!!
Sleepy time for now!

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