Oh hayyyyy A. Mcqueen put out his line for target today.
(mind you im only saying oh so ewww because TATTOO PRINT?! MESH SWEATERS?! WHAAAT???)
I don't get it, Maybe there is something im missing but I think its bad which is a shame because I really really like his stuff and respect him alot as a designer. And yes, i take into consideration this line was made for the general population and not really fashion oriented people (not that they dont shop at target, they have some great stuff UGHHHH JSUT FORGET ALL THE SORRYS) LOOK I thought it was bad and it really bummed me out because I was so siked all last night thinking about it.

I feel like this could be styled really nicely, although i have yet to imagine with what.
I'm sure in the upcoming months though we will see pictures of the brave soul who dared to wear it / buy it (cmon 140$)
But whoever that is, HATS OFF TO YA!
Next is..

I KIND of like this, I like the little line at the top makes it look very 90's workout gear. but I think it would be cute for summer with a pair of shorts. I wish the straps were white though instead of beige....

I think this is going to be the big seller, I mean.. I cant really imagine myself wearing alot of the collection but this dress I actually reallly really really want. Its perfect and alot of people are saying the fit is really great and It looks so much better in person (which im hoping is the truth for alot of the stuff in this collection)
But Its gorgeous and I WANT TO OWN IT.

This is another dress I really feel like it probably looks better in person, I've been really diggin the whole harness thing and am currently diying my own.. but I think this is a good "general" look with a harness.. I really couldn't imagine anyone who wasn't into fashion wearing this... I can't even imagine how they'd wear it ( with ugg's?)

I love jumpsuits, really truley and this one even looks like the one I own, but I don't like how the pants are kind of in the middle, It will probably look good on someone really tall, but since Im 5' it'll look horrible on me... whatever its eye candy.

I really like the print on this scarf and I think its really cute but not for 30$.. sorry but I am wayyy too cheap.

So essentially I'd give this collection a 7 at most, I mean I was kind of dissapointed in a way... I thought there would be more really interesting pieces but I guess thats what you get with a designer making a line for a big chain store..
Oh well.. I'm still probably going to buy at least one of the pieces (the black tulip dress)

so I just saw pictures of what the actual GARMENTS look like, and I have to say I change it to an 8... I'm really lovin on the mesh stuff.. Ie. Sweater dress/Wrap
and the leather vest doesn't look that horrible... could of been better, but i'll have to settle.
(img's from target.com & papermag.com)

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