What are your favorite colors and what do they remind you of?
mmm, marie antoinette blue. oh god i love it. big dresses and white hair

What are your plans for the future?
fashion photographer would be the best. 
i have a thing for cameras and clothes, this makes sense.  modeling is a dream... maybe one day after i lose 20 pounds and get a nose job. so until then, fashion photographer. 

If you could be one model for a day, who would it be... and what would you eat?!
hmmmmm... Kinga Rajzak. i would eat nothing. i would be so happy i wouldnt need food.

Whats your favorite store/Where do you really hate to shop.
BEACONS CLOSET. utter beauty. never been so happy... as spending hours in that place. and not spending more than 100 bucks. addie heaven. cheap vintage. 
but other than that, i do a lot of american apparel, urbanoutfitters... free people
and when i am feeling special... diesel jeans are my weakness.
thats harder. ill be able to find something anywhere.

What is the worst trend right now?
im waiting until the day i dont see anyone on the street wearing crocs. 
oh, and any type of tennis shoe wont anywhere but the gym. barf.
the standard of living should be higher than this.   


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  1. great interview, jazz! the leggings were about 12 dollars, but i got them a long time ago. =)